Zoo Visit to Lake Air Montessori
Cameron Park Zoomobile Visit to Lake Air Montessori
Posted on 04/02/2013
          The Cameron Park Zoo Education Department received a grant to provide a free ZooMobile programs to schools in McLennan County, and Jessica Gabler, a senior at Baylor University and employee of the Cameron Park Zoo, brought the ZooMobile to Lake Air Montessori students in late February and mid-March after Spring Break.

          Mr. Cross’s first, second, and third grade students thoroughly enjoyed the live animal presentation. The students in Mr. Cross’s class wrote to Jessica drawing pictures of their experience of seeing and touching the animals and thanking her for her time. 

          Anna C. wrote, “Thank you for bringing in unusual animals that we don’t find in our backyard.” Bolton G. wrote, “Thank you for coming to our school. I liked the python. I also liked the Eastern Screech Owl.” Taylor F. wrote, “I enjoyed the animals a lot, especially Mr. Squiggly McCloud. I’m glad the zoo is so nice to come and show us all the beautiful animals!”

          Thank you, Cameron Park Zoo, for enriching our students’ lives and their appreciation for these beautiful and interesting animals.

Story reported with the help of Adriann Freeman, Assistant in Mr. Mark Cross’s Gr. 1-3 classroom.